In My Skin – Day 4 |

Weight:  187

Size: 14

Exercise:  None yet today

It is Monday and time to get back on track.  I drank and ate all weekend.  Not over ate, but definitely more than my norm & drank a lot.  My weight didn’t go up, but it didn’t go down either.  Isn’t that why I am here?  LOL!  So, back on track today.

I made myself an omelet, which I can’t remember the last time I did that for myself and it was yum! Egg whites, a small amount of mixed cheese, steak, garlic salt and Tapitaio.  It was great and satisfying. I am also starting to drink my tea and bring up my water intake today.

Nothing else interesting to report… oh… I have a bunch of friends doing a Big Looser Challenge with each other. The winner takes it all.  They are all putting money in the pot weekly I believe.  Cool for them.  I hope it works out. Why didn’t I join along?  Well, the money isn’t important enough for me to do it I think.  I have to just do it for myself.  Even though an extra $500 bucks would be cool.  A new pair of shoes right?  🙂


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