In My Skin – Day 1

Weight: 187

Size: 14

Exercise: 60 Minutes Walking on the Treadmill

Today, well last night laying in bed trying to fall asleep, I decided that maybe if I keep track and blog about my trials with weight loss maybe it will actually help me lose it and KEEP IT OFF! We’ll see right… I guess we will all see now.

I am not one to talk about my weight, I am pretty comfortable in my skin. The thing is that I have had 4 children. Lost the weight I gained within the first 4 to 6 weeks after I had them, but put on 10 within that next year AFTER having them. Hmmmm… the doctor said that it is hormones. It could be my genes, it could be that I don’t eat enough, it could be the alcohol, blah blah blah. I have decided to do this MY way. I am going to write about it when ever I get the chance and see how it goes from there. Maybe putting it out in the open will help me. Just maybe!

What I would like to do is flatten my tummy and get at least into a size 10. I wasn’t left with no stretch marks so that I have to cover up my body with a one-piece for no reason. I love wearing a bikini and I plan to keep doing it! I also love to dress nice and am a huge picture hound & when I don’t feel like I look 100% in those pictures, forget it!

Anyway, here I go!

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