Pissed off…

Do you ever have a few moments in a day that something really pisses you off?  Well, I normally don’t.  I did yesterday though.  I planned this wonderful party and had 24 RSVP’s 2 days before.  You know you send out the invite list almost 2 months in advance, spend way too much money on a beautiful cake, cook for everybody, make everything very traditional and beautiful, etc., etc. and BAM people start canceling and some don’t show up.  I ended up with 10 total.  Yikes!  10!

It was fun, but not as I had planned.  Life is that way though, isn’t it?  I was mad for about 15 minutes then I was better once I started cooking and put in my FB Status “Pissed off…”  LOL!  I am such a brat!

Anyway, just needed to vent a bit and put in writing that I am human and I do get  pissed off too from time-to-time.  I assure myself it can be healthy, right?  🙂


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