Twelfth Night Masquerade Party

Tonight we are hosting a Twelfth Night Masquerade Party.  I am off to take my shower then head to Dillards to see if I can find a gown.  Good thing that I am in a shopping mood today & all I now is that I want something fun & long.  I have my mask & I know which jewelry I am wearing & how I am doing my hair.  The shoe decision will come once I buy my dress.  I wish myself luck & no frustration.  The shower & getting preddied-up beforehand is a must to decide which dress is best.  When you go looking like crap, then all the dresses seem to look like crap on you.  A positive outlook is what I am going with.  I don’t usually have a problem shopping, but I told myself that I wouldn’t shop for clothes again until I lost at least 20 pounds.  Well, that shore hasn’t happened.  If I could just keep off the 10 I keep loosing that would be a help, but that just hasn’t happened either.  Frustrating.  So, I am going shopping & I WILL find a knock-out dress for tonight.

Once I get back home I am going to finish cleaning up the house, make the Shrimp Etouffee (my first time making it, thank goodness for my Louisiana cookbooks), Corn Pepper Muffins w/ Honey Butter.  I need to pick up the cake, then make sure I have all the fixings to make the Lambs Wool.  Did I mention between I have to pick up my youngest from Preschool, go to the chiropractor, then pick up my other 3 Boys & do homework in between?  Ha!  Funny, I do it though and love every minute of it!

It is going to be a full day, but a fun one.  I love to cook, entertain & look beautiful all in the same day!!!


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