Winter Break is Over…

Gweneviere Masquerade Mask

Back to the grind today… my Children asked, what does that mean?  It means no more staying up late and sleeping in.  No more not taking showers, because we get to lazy around all day and do whatever we want.  It is time to get up, get ready and be happy to start our day… on time.  It was a great morning though.  The Boys got up, got ready and put those smiles on their faces.  They are so wonderful.  Did I mention that I have 4 Boys?  Well, I do and they ROCK!

Winter Break was sweet!  It was the first time ever that we just let the boys stay up late and hoped they would sleep in and they DID!  It was amazing!  I was in bed most days until sometime between 10 and noon.  Wow!  I haven’t done that for multiple days in a row in years.  Loved it!

Christmas was beautiful.  Andrew decorated lovely like he always does and the Boys put together their Santa Lists.  Actually, they have been putting their lists together for a few months now.  We were good to them and so was Santa.  They even got a few extra things from Mommy and Daddy.  Andrew likes to completely spoil them… don’t get me wrong, I always spoil them as well, but he wants them to have like 10 or 12 gifts each.  Yikes!  It is done though and they were so happy.  If you have the means to do it, why not, right?

We had friends over for New Years Eve, 3 families.  What a blast we had!  The kids all played and at midnight we all toasted the New Year in together.  It was so nice.  I was a little worried, because I seem to have some internal stigma about staying home for New Years.  I think that I have just been so jaded during that night one too many times in the past.  Well, the past 4 that I remember have been amazing!  I am hoping that by this time next year we will be living back in California and it will be even more fun.  Time will tell.

I started reading a new book last night… The Next Best thing by Diedre Berry.  What a great book so far!  I love how raw the book is, outspoken, slang, honest.  Just what I needed right now.  🙂

Wednesday night we are having a Twelfth Night Masquerade party and I am so not ready.  LOL!  I don’t fit into any of my gowns, which sucks.  I need to go out and buy a new dress, but am just not in the pretty mood.  I need to get 20 pounds off and fast.  I just wish that the will was there a little better.  Anyway, my mask showed up today from Gypsy Renaissance.  It is amazing!!  I have posted a picture above.  I will be making Shrimp Etouffee, corn muffins with peppers, the traditional Twelfth Night drink, Lambs Wool and am having a Twelfth Night (King Cake) made with the bean hidden inside.  I can’t wait and will post pictures afterwards.  I have 24 RSVP’d so far, which is just perfect.  I didn’t invite a ton, because it is during the middle of the week… well, truth is, I just didn’t want to have 50+ people here yet again.  Since October I have had like 6 parties, or something.  Yes, I am crazy!  It is going to be a blast though.

I don’t think that I have quite go the hang of this blog posting thing yet.  I feel like just writing about myself can get a bit boring… maybe I will write about myself in the future, but more intense.  Like about when my Mother died, when I was mugged, when I got married, even about the parties that I have.  That would be more interesting I think.  Hmmmm… yes, maybe so.

Love to you people and peace every minute of every day!


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