Kathleen – Finally, here we go!

Hey there!

This is my first Blog, wow, I don’t know if I should be exited, or freaked out that I am actually writing where others can see ME.  I have decided to finally write after months and months about thinking about what this is all about.  Have I done my research, no, maybe tomorrow.  🙂  That is just me though.  I have a busy life, way too many thoughts and if I don’t write them down forget it!  So, here I am.  I am pretty raw, up front and truthfully, scared as hell to offend anyone.  I just know it is going to happen though, so you all know I love you and I am sorry in advance.  I am just the open and honest Kathleen that you all know.  xo

Blogging, what the hell is this all about anyway, really?  Hmmmm… I have been thinking about this for sometime.  I have a friend, Christina, that Blogs about particular topics.  I have seen her post her Blogs, but Haven’t read any of them.  My other friend Veggie, Blogs on MySpace.  I have read those, love her and how personal they are.  She is all that I have really read.  I love her, so what would be so bad?  Do I dare say that I have seen Julie and Julia and loved it.  I love movies though, the ones that I actually remember.  I have a tendency to fall asleep during movies, I am horrible about that.  If my Mother were still alive you could just ask her.  Anyway, here I am writing a blog.  My first few will probably be boring as hell, but I will get better.  Only, because I love to write.

Today I saw Avatar with my husband and 4 Boys.  It was amazing!!!  First of all I had a terrible nights sleep with the dogs both shaking their heads several times through the night.  I think they have ear mites, caught them from Max the cat.  Danmit!!  Then the cat was knocking around an ornament, or two from the Christmas tree.  I didn’t know if someone had broken in and I should go and check it out, or just sit and listen.  I did the later, I just sat and listened.  It was the cats.  Then I had my 4-year-old pasted up against me.  He is so sweet and has to just lay by Mommy, but sometimes it is just two much with 3 humans in the bed, 2 dogs and a cat.  Yikes!  Okay, okay, I do love it, just ignore me.  It can get a little crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I am getting off track, so I had a shitty nights sleep, but still woke up at 6 a.m. in a sweat… way too much body heat.  I twisted and turned and climbed out, went potty real quick then went where it was cool downstairs.  Of corse Queenie, my sweet baby of a dog followed me downstairs.  Ahhhhh, much better down there.  Andrew eventually came and found me wondering why I left the room.  “It was way too hot for me, I was sweating”… I went back upstairs and we started to watch Four Christmases.  I fell asleep, imagine that, then was woken at 9:46 a.m. to see a 10:00 a.m. movie… yes, I rolled out of bed and was like, I really could have used at least an extra 30 minutes.  No such luck.  I had 4 little Boys and a Husband ready to go.  I went potty, brushed my teeth, said screw the makeup under my eyes, got dressed and put on a hat and sunglasses.  Ready to go.  It was soooo worth it.  Avatar Rocked!!!!  What an amazing movie this was.  I think that if I would have seen it without my children I would have probably not taken them with the cussing and violence, but my newly 10-year-old was right.  It was not even as violent as the Halo games they play on XBox, or some of the others.  I just was amazed by it, so couldn’t really feel bad about it.  My 4-year-old sat next to me, or on me, the whole time and LOVED it!  He wanted to talk about every other scene in the movie.  We give it 6 thumbs up!!!

I then later had an Ornament Exchange with the Moms Group that  I head up.  We all met a Brio and it was great.  I finally got an ornament that I love.  It was just 3 hours of fun with 5 other girls and a much-needed time out.

As for now, I am laying in bed with another Raspberry Martini, yes my Husband just brought me my second one telling me I was a slacker, because I only had half of the first one done.  LOL!  Funny, I am usually the way telling him to hurry up and finish, because the next one is on the way.  Sometimes it is nice when the tables are turned.

For the rest of the night I am just going to chill.  Drink my martinis, what ever flavor that may be and enjoy the night of laughter from my bedroom door opening.


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